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Fruit Machine Rental by Devil Gaming

Devil Gaming are an independent amusement company based in Preston, Lancashire. We supply the very latest fruit machines across the North West of England.

Cat C Fruit Machine Hire North West

Fruit Machines AWP Cat C

These machines are the primary amusements found in pubs and bars in the UK and there are a wide range of them to choose from.

As there are a number of different games, features and even manufacturers to choose from, Devil Gaming will help you determine what will work best for your premises. Some machines perform better than others and most premises will have two fruit machines on site.

Fruit Machine AWP Cat C Hire

B3a Fruit Machine Hire North West

Fruit Machines Club – B3A

Every private members’ club is allowed one Category B3A machine.

These ticket payout machines are exempt from VAT and Machine Games Duty. They are easy to play with a completely random payout so everyone has the same chance of winning, which makes them highly desirable and attracts new players.

Fruit Machines Club B3 Hire

B4 Fruit Machine Hire North West

Fruit Machines Club – B4

Devil Gaming supplies new club fruit machines with a £400 jackpot, and a maximum stake of £2.

With these machines the higher the stake, the higher the payout! Only available to members clubs, these machines enable you to compete with the bookies.

Fruit Machines Club B4 Hire

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  • Rentals and profit share available
  • Our experienced team of service engineers are on call 7 days a week

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    Fruit Machine Hire

    Digital fruit machines offer a variety of businesses a great way to increase their cash flow, at Devil gaming, we offer the best and latest fruit machines available on a rental or profit share service. We provide clubs, pubs and bars with a wide selection of digital fruit machines that can maximize profits.

    Based in Preston, we cover the whole of the North West and have multiple customers in Blackpool, Morecambe, Southport, Wigan & Preston.

    With continuously updated games direct from the manufacturer, our digital fruit machines keep players interested and entertained.

    Note recycling systems

    After a large payout, a Fruit Machine should never be taken out of service due to a lack of cash. By paying out with notes rather than coins, a note recycling system helps to avoid this from happening. As a result, Devil Gaming offers a wide variety of digital fruit machines, all of which come standard with note recycling devices. As a result, the machine maintains a high level of float and are suitable for all locations.

    Regulated by the Gambling Commission

    Devil Gaming is a fully licensed operator, regulated by the Gambling Commission (Licence Number 000-034946-N-316236-001). Allowing the supply, maintain and repair of all types of gaming equipment throughout the UK.

    Fruit machine rental can raise your profits by increasing customer dwell time and increasing your takings. If you offer a great fruit machine experience, customers may choose to remain longer at your establishment. This encourages people to spend more money on drinks, food, and other products from your company, making our fruit machine rental service a good choice.

    Do you run a company in the North West of England? Would you like to learn more about the numerous advantages of selecting us as your fruit machine provider? Then contact us today to learn more about our fruit machine rental service.

    Rent or Profit Share

    We are happy to supply fruit machines on a simple profit share basis or if you prefer we offer a fixed weekly rental.

    Premium Fruit Machine Support

    Our experienced team of service engineers are on call 7 days a week.