Keeping customers in your venue

Tips on how to keep customers in your venue

Ways to increase time customers spend in your venue

You’re undoubtedly looking for strategies to boost sales if you own a restaurant, pub or a bar. You can increase your revenues in additional ways besides only luring in new customers. Finding ways to lengthen the time that current customers spend at your establishment can significantly positively impact your business.

But how can you encourage visitors to linger longer? Do they finish eating and then go, or do they only stay for one drink? The secret to keeping customers in your place longer and increasing the likelihood that they’ll return is entertainment.

Fruit Machines

Customers can enjoy their game while sipping a beverage, diverting their focus from the surroundings. This encourages customers to stay on the machine by putting them in a state of relaxation and delight.

When a machine pays out, it can entice other players because they want to duplicate their friend’s success.

Those ready to wager their money are drawn in by the jackpots and cash awards. And up until they succeed in taking home the grand rewards, you will be making money and gaining clients.

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Digital Jukebox

Giving your customers the option to choose their favourite music with ease will make them want to remain longer since they will be eagerly waiting for their tunes to play.

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Pool Tables

All ages can find entertainment on pool tables, and playing doesn’t require special skills. It often costs just £1 to play, which encourages those with spare change to take part. People who enjoy playing regularly with their friends or those who simply want to try something new and pass some time will end up staying longer in your venue, whilst buying additional drinks, snacks and even food.

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Family Entertainment

Another way to keep families longer in your venue is installation of various family entertainment units, such as football tables, toy cranes, sweet machines and prize vending machines.

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Most venues have multiple screens showing popular sport fixtures to create an exciting atmosphere. Well positioned screens can have a huge impact on revenue, as they have the ability to increase footfall during major sporting events.

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    Keeping customers in your venue


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